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Face Recognition for your Desktop or Notebook PC

Sensible Vision partners with major computer manufacturers to supply FastAccess Face Recognition as a pre-installed option on many Home, Home Office or Business oriented desktops and notebooks.

To see FastAccess in action, watch this video.

For support information on the Dell version of FastAccess, please click here.

FastAccess Benefits

  • Safeguard Your Data when You’re on the Road or in Your Office

Continuously and automatically ensure that your data is protected wherever you travel or work.

  • FastAccess Speeds Computer and Website Login

FastAccess minimizes the need to enter a password to login, while typically recognizing you faster than typing a traditional password. Your face can even automatically log you into websites that require passwords.

  • FastAccess Is Fun and User-Friendly

Unlike passwords and other biometrics, FastAccess’ patent pending face recognition doesn’t require you to do anything: just use the computer and you are granted access. Even better, it knows when you step away from your computer and automatically secures it to prevent unauthorized people from viewing your data.

  • FastAccess Is Automatic

Just by using your computer normally, FastAccess gets to know you, granting you access quickly and transparently.

FastAccess Features

  • Automatic Enrollment

Using a patent pending automatic learning process, FastAccess’ artificial intelligence (AI) automatically enrolls the user without a separate program or process. It updates biometric information automatically if recognitions take too long.  It can even adapt to changes in your appearance like new glasses or a haircut without re-enrollment, making it very easy to use.

  • FastAccess Is Easy to Use

    Unlike other security solutions, FastAccess is simple to set up. Just start using your computer and our advanced face recognition software continuously learns your face under different use and lighting conditions to keep login quick and easy.

  • Continuous Security

    Unlike any other security solution, FastAccess can quickly “sense” when you step out of view and can secure the computer automatically. 

  • Continuous High Accuracy  

    Sensible Vision’s revolutionary face recognition technology allows FastAccess to provide a higher level of security than typical consumer biometric systems. The technology is the same used in mission critical Bank and Healthcare Enterprise software.

FastAccess Enterprise includes all of these features plus:
  • Support for computers joined to a Domain
  • Enterprise-quality Single Sign On for web pages and applications
  • Central Management capabilities
  • Integration with and/or use of Microsoft’s Active Directory
  • Network-based password synchronization
  • Passphrase-based password recovery
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